Our Games

StreamLegends is an RPG extension for Twitch that lets channel communities quest and build a guild together. Fight monsters, earn loot, and level up! Broadcasters can grow and engage their viewership by establishing their channel’s own guild town and players finally get a chance to break out of chat and rally together to conquer raids and share the spoils!

World Zombination is an MMO in which players can take control of a massive zombie horde and destroy the world or help the last surviving humans make their stand and defend it. Both sides acquire new units, train and level them to make them more powerful, and play with (and against!) friends and thousands of other players for control of the world!

Streamline is a fast-paced, third person game built for and around streaming. Take on the role of Broadcaster, Player, or Viewer and change the way the game itself is played! Broadcasters can easily make parties to play with their communities while stream viewers can bet on players, change the rules of the game in real-time, compete in mini-games, and more.